Photocopiable Materials

Free teaching materials that you can download for personal and class use!
There are grading charts, book report papers, speaking exercises, and more, all in pdf format.

Oral Activities

  • COBE Vocabulary + Practice Questions – Here are pages with useful vocabulary and lots of practice questions for the topics of the 2020 COBE (computerized oral Bagrut exam). Suitable for both four- and five-point students.
  • The Decision – This is a values-clarification activity intended for group work. Each member of the group must make a decision based on his value system, and try to convince the other members of the group to support his decision.
  • Role Plays  – In these five fun role plays, each half of a pair has a radically different point of view. Print out and cut up the ten cards, and give one card to each student. Neither student in a pair should be allowed to see his partner’s card. The results will be absolutely hilarious.

Reading Comprehension

Reading for Pleasure

  • Reading Log – Students complete this log every time they read English books (extensive reading) in class or at home. Teachers should require students to hand this in together with their book report, and include it in the grade of the book report (20-30% of the book report grade).
  • Book Report 1 – This is a book report page for a beginners’ class. It ensures that students have read the book, without overtasking them.
  • Book Report 2 – This book report page contains three questions for higher-level high school students. They can do this along with a creative book task (see next two documents).
  • Book Tasks – This is a list of fifteen creative book task ideas for students to do instead of the traditional book report (summarizing the book). You’ll be amazed by your students’ imagination and talents when it comes to doing these tasks.
  • Book Task – Students can use this page to write their creative book task (when it is not accompanied by pictures).
  • Oral Book Report – Sometimes, especially with a weaker class, you might prefer to have them do an oral book report like this one.

Planning and Organization

  • High School Curriculum – A three-year chart meant to be used by English teachers to plan a comprehensive three-year plan for their school. Teaching according to a detailed curriculum (which includes grammar topics, writing topics, literature, and more) ensures smoother syllabus planning and prevents gaps in students’ knowledge.
  • Grading Charts – Two grading charts which you can fill in with your students’ names and photocopy as many times as you need to. Staple 15-20 of these pages together (make sure to use several staples so that the booklet doesn’t fall apart), and you have a grade booklet for inputting information on classwork, homework, participation, behavior, tests and quizzes, and what not.